This workshop is perfect for seasoned authors, budding wordsmiths, and those with a yet-to-be-unleashed book within them!

Virtual Workshop

This workshop is perfect for seasoned authors, budding wordsmiths, and those with a 
yet-to-be-unleashed book within them!

Virtual Workshop

DURING the Exactly How To 
(Re)Launch a Book Workshop You Will Learn…

The critical messaging that gets (and keeps) a book selling AND has people quoting your book! 
How to build and leverage meaningful relationships to ensure your book continues to have a lasting impact.
The launch model that is most suitable for you based on your goals.


  • ​Use your book as part of your brand-building system
  • ​Keep the book relevant and fresh… even years after it’s published!
  • ​BONUS, you'll receive an exclusive strategy call ($295 Value)

If you’re ready to take your career and brand to the next level and make a huge impact with a book… 



"Hello JJ (and Sam),

I couldn't be here today without the support and belief in my mission from you. JJ, thank you for your book proposal - I used as a template verbatim to put together my proposal last year. 

I got a great book deal and team with one of the imprints of Harper Collins. "The Busy Brain Cure: The 8 Week Plan to Find Focus, Tame Anxiety, and Sleep Again" is being published on January 9, 2024. 

Sam was so instrumental in helping me with messaging, and I'll be reaching out to her again to help with messaging for my PR campaigns, media interviews, etc.

This is a dream that I had that you helped me to create structure around and think through a business plan. I am clear that while my book will make money, the major business from it is feeding my speaking career, our 8 week brainSHIFT wellness program, and corporate wellness consulting.

Read that last sentence again- JJ! Do you remember what a hot mess I was in 2020 when you helped me through my sobs? 

Thank you for caring for all of us who believe in our missions, teaching us business that is necessary to succeed, and mentoring others in this space."

- Dr. Romie Mushtaq, M.D.
"Thanks so much for the book workshop- it was absolutely amazing and worth the price of the summit! I wish I had that info 3 years ago when I first started writing my book."  

- Rani Banik MD


Your Workshop Experts


Launch Models

JJ has launched 3 multimillion-dollar businesses, including a 7-figure personal brand, and founded the Mindshare Collaborative, the most influential professional community in health, having propelled more New York Times bestsellers, PBS specials, and 7 figure brands than any other community.



Sam Horn is the CEO of the Intrigue Agency. She helps people create respectful, collaborative, one-of-a-kind communications and projects that add value for all involved.


Meaningful Relationships

Dr Elizabeth Marshall is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Her research interests include children’s and young adult literature, memoir, feminist literary theories, and popular culture. Her work critically examines representations of childhood and adolescence within texts produced for, marketed to, and/or consumed by youth.

Plus a surprise guest you won’t want to miss!

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